About Us

Our Philosophy

Not all food delivery is created equal.

Many companies care only about profit - exploiting your local restaurants with crazy high commission rates and fees. And if you’re one of their unlucky customers who has an issue with an order, your best hope is being sent to a call center queue or bot to try to make things right.

And that’s exactly why Nosh exists.

We are a proud delivery service collective owned by local independent restaurants. We’re here to challenge the delivery game by empowering local restaurants, creating employment, and making sure the dollars you spend on food stay in your community.

And because we are run by your local restaurants and a local team, you’re guaranteed great service, the best of local food, and a friendly person to speak to whenever you need.

Nosh Tastes Better.
For Everyone.

Our History

Nosh was born out of restaurant owners coming together to create an alternative to the predatory practices of big-tech food delivery businesses.

National food delivery companies charge, on average, 30% in commissions from restaurants. And as unsustainable as 30% might be, restaurants have been charged as much as 40% in commissions in markets where big-tech delivery dominates.

This is not a sustainable situation for independent restaurants, and it will only get worse. This is why Nosh was founded in 2018; to address this imbalance, re-instill fair practices for our restaurants and drivers, and ensure the food delivery business benefits the communities in which we work.

Our Locations

We’re a proudly-local Colorado-founded business. At present, we operate in three cities across the state: Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland, and we are deeply invested in these communities.

We have team members that reside in each of these cities, engage with local restaurants, invest time understanding the needs of their residents and, ultimately, make sure the food delivery business directly benefits these communities rather than a corporate bottom line in a faraway state.

Stay tuned for new locations soon!

Our Team

At Nosh, we live our purpose day in and day out. We are experts in the food delivery business with years of experience and a deep passion for what we do. But more than that, we’re not sitting in a high-rise building in New York or San Francisco focusing on profit and squeezing as much money as possible out of restaurants and communities. We’re sitting in Northern Colorado. We are part of this community.

Our team is deeply committed to our mission of challenging big tech delivery companies and giving the power back to the local restaurant and food delivery scenes. We always go above and beyond to ensure we’re doing the right thing, bringing you scrumptious food and providing unparalleled service levels.

Our Drivers

Our Drivers are a core part of the difference we make. They are the face of Nosh and without them, delicious meals would never arrive at your doorstep.

Like other food delivery companies, we hire independent contractors to drive for us. Unlike our competitors, we do not treat our drivers as disposable workers. Instead, we offer them respect, fair compensation, and open two-way communication which enables them to be directly involved in our decision-making.

Our drivers have a special place in our hearts. Without them, we couldn't do what we do. They’re integral to us disrupting the food delivery industry, supporting local restaurants and delivering the best possible food to our communities.